What is Linux operating system used for?

Surely you have heard about the Free Operating System Linux. This system may seem somewhat inaccessible and complicated to understand, however, most of us use it every day without knowing it. In addition, many people believe that they have to make a choice on their computer: Linux or Windows. Nothing could be further from the […]

What is Computer Science and technology?

Learn Computer Science from Zero. We are going to explain basic computer knowledge in this basic computer manual. You will learn the basics of computer hardware (components) and software (programs). We will see how a computer works, or rather, a computer system, and some of its main parts. We will try to make everything very […]

How does a robot teach itself to walk?

Before jumping over hurdles, he must learn to crawl, and before reading William Shakespeare, he must know the alphabet. Any educator knows the importance of a step-by-step learning plan to master a task.  Now, researchers at Uber AI Labs have designed an algorithm that creates its own learning plan to teach simulated robots how to […]

‘Robores’ car makes street track debut in Marrakech 2023

story highlights Driverless electric racer completes successful track test in Marrakech, Morocco Planned Roborace series will see autonomous cars compete at Formula E ePrix weekend CNN , It’s a car packed with technology whose developers boldly predict it will transform our cities and the way we live. The autonomous “DevBot #1” recently took a giant […]

How to beat fake news in your Facebook feed 2023

CNN , Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true, It sounds so simple, but if everyone knew that, Facebook and Google wouldn’t have to remove fake news sites from their advertising algorithms and people wouldn’t breathlessly share stories that claim Donald Trump is a secret lizard person. Or is Hillary Clinton an […]

Winners of ‘Oscars of Watch’ on show in Dubai 2023

The winners of this year’s “Oscars of Watchmaking” have been selected, recognizing a wide range of timepieces for their engineering perfection and eye-catching design. Earlier this month in Geneva, an industry jury selected the world’s best watches in fifteen different categories, including sports, jewelery and travel timepieces, with the awards presented by the Grand Prix […]

What Parents Should Know About VR Gear Kids 2023

story highlights Virtual reality headsets range from cheap cardboard to expensive PlayStation Here are your options if you want to dip your toe or really swim with the VR big fish Thinking of treating your family to a little virtual reality this holiday? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. From Google’s cheap Cardboard VR […]

Girls to design Africa’s first private space satellite 2023

story highlights Africa to launch its first private satellite into space made by schoolgirls CNN , They may be teenagers, but 17-year-old Brittany Bull and 16-year-old Sesam Mngkengkiswa have grand ambitions – launching Africa’s first private satellite into space in 2019. They are part of a team of high school girls from Cape Town, South […]

Cell phones and screens are keeping your child awake 2023

story highlights New research says devices in the bedroom are linked to children losing the time and quality of their sleep Even kids and teens who don’t stay online for long are losing sleep CNN , These days, teachers are often faced with classrooms full of yawning students who stay up late taking selfies or […]